I love the (Prodigy Kids) page. You did a really good job! It looks really nice


Sending nothing but love and blessing in the atmosphere to all the Caldwell's. I love all y'all and pray for you daily, one luv peace. 

​                             Anthony 

                               Thank You.

For this website, so we can have a support group in good and bad.  I found the story "Wolf in Sheep's clothing, very interesting. "Even though I wasn't looking for a farther figure,  the betrayal of trust happened. The story cut like a knife and it's very sad that people use a child's passion for their own

selfish  needs. However

                  I thank God for my child. ​

​                                    J anet Buttler                     

I like the Prodigy Page

                - Boogie_ 


to Eran & Miracle on their first year of Love... Appreciate the moments together 

​                 Davette

The pictures from Memorial Day look great..looks like a great time.   

​               Michelle 

LOL..Funny  Pictures...The  page gets better & better every time I see it .

​        Valencia

Much Respect to Anthony for sharing the knowledge

Much Love to Anthony for coming out from among the rif-raff

Anthony's story has made a difference in my life 


Anthony's story is beautiful


The Heart felt story by Anthony is Great!

         I Love it!


I'm looking at the site now.  This is so cool

I am really enjoying it ,  the website made me smile, it also gave me a feeling of loss...But it's all good. Thanks for making this website... It's really Beautiful

               Ray Taylor  AKA Pooh

This is a great Website

   - Debbie Barksdale

This is Really Cool...The Website is Great!  It' s Amazing...I have always wanted a big family

                -Shi'Anne Caldwell



     - Staci

The Website

              I love It!

                     - Mona

This is a great Idea, I suppose the difficult task will be convincing people to use it. Maybe this will also encourage everyone to remove the "I" from the middle of their name

    & remember We are Family   

                 - Anonymous

Thanks for the trip to vegas 

     - Davette

Let us put our hands and voices together to lift up a prayer request from J.H. 

Family Website Looks Good! Great  Job!

​      - Andre


Family Website

                - Tess

I love the throwback  pictures of my baby's

   - Rachel Ramos -

This Site is Great!

I looked at the entire Site

I  know how difficult Websites can be

Great Job!

Beautiful & Talented Family

It would be great to meet everyone.

- Michelle Holden Caldwell-


Where is everyone?

       Does anyone hear me?