Rachel Ramos is the powerhouse behind the scenes of Punch TV Network. Responsible for network communications, and positioning Punch TV for the take-over of television as we know it.  Rachel advanced from receptionist to Director of Communications to Chief Operating Officer. In 2017 Rachel was again promoted to Vice President of Punch TV Network 


is a C.N.A and  Private Duty Nurse for In House Support Services.

In 2006 Stacie participated  in the Minority Aids Project  and is a part of the LAMP  Community, a  Charity Organization that provides housing, counseling and mental health to the homeless.


(Zora's  / Jonnie's  daughter) 

Is a  Financial Advisor for Bank of America, and has been  for the last sixteen years. 

Tammy is the owner and CEO of

SKITZO  Productions.  


SKITZO is  a  Recording Studio and a location of learning, teaching the youth of Atlanta the fundamental steps of following their passion while furthering their education.  Tammy's  desire for youth assistance was highlighted by her Aunt Para Gaston

Anthony Caldwell

I'm thankful to just be alive, I went from being a thug selling dope and robbing people, to going through a complete great transformation. I thank God that despite all the wrong I have done I've managed to dodge prison.  I have  been shot at multiple time and didn't get hit so I'm blessed.

What makes me warm and fuzzy inside? Teaching,  I love to pull young people to the side and lace them with some game, showing them another and better path to go down to keep from doing dumb s***. I love to read I get high on knowledge and  writing poetry,  I also love to sing.

My accomplishments? I manage to make it to see 28 when it was predicted that I wouldn't make it to see 30 because of the life I lived, but I'm still breathing so God must have a plan for my life.

What I desire to achieve next?  Is to unite and connect the dots to my Caldwell family so I can discover and fully know who I am and where I come from genetically.

Donald Caldwell

Speedy's talent is not limited to comedy, he is also an Actor and Writer accumulating credits from shows such as The Jamie Foxx Show, She was my Eve and Ricky Six.


Hailed by CNN as one of the best television studio audiences warm-up comedians.

Speedy has a brilliant talent for making people laugh, he has appeared in numerous and uncountable locations,  been featured on television's Laffapalooza, Live in Hollywood, The Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta Georgia, The  Golden Jubilee, The Black Repertory Group (established in 1964 and is one of the oldest Black Folklour Group of it's kind in the Nation) and HBO's Def Comedy Jam, to name a few.

Speedy has hosted everything from Concert and fundraisers to   extensive tours  with Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx  co-hosting with Jamie on his top rated radio show The Foxxhole on Sirius  XM  Speedy's Comedy Corner, (an uncensored adult comedy program)  his brand of comedy keeps listeners glued with laughter.  Speedy  defiantly found his comic grove on the stage  as well as the big screen and graces each with a finesse and style  that easily graphs and engages.

Abra Winn

(first cousin of Shilea)

Attended the University of Redlands

and is presently an Executive Administrator

Arlena Winn

(first cousin of Shilea)

Personal Analyst for the City of San Francisco after a brief but meaningful assignment of Transition Coordinator at LightHouse

(a facility for the blind & visually impaired).

In 2007 Arlena graduated from San Francisco State University.

Angel Winn

(first cousin of Shilea)

Counselor at San Jose Unified School District.

Angel graduated from Foothill College in 1995, continued her education at California State University graduating in 1997 and finishing as a graduate of San Jose State University in 2003.

Favorite Quote

"I would rather be hated

for who I am......

than to be loved

for who I am not"

​Gilfert Jackson

Studied Communications at

American University of Paris

Adrienne Bunton

(Roland's Daughter) 

A National Merit Scholar  

continued and completed her education at Michigan University earning a degree in Biology

L&A  LeMoine & Associates, inc. Educational Consulting Consortium

Noma LeMoine, Ph.D., is the Chief Educational Officer (CEO) and sole proprietor of LeMoine and Associates Educational Consulting, a company dedicated to assuring excellence in education for traditionally underperforming students including Standard English Lerner (SEL) populations.

Favorite Quote

"I would rather be hated

for who I am......

than to be loved

for who I am not"


A thing done successfully

typically by effort

courage, or skill.

Camille Winbush

(Daughter of Anthony & Alice Marie)

  Outstanding Supporting Actress

in a Comedy Series


Type your paragraph here.


Is presently attending

Long Beach State University

majoring in Liberal Studies.

Imani is  a Junior with a potential graduation date of June 2016

Favorite Quote

"I would rather be hated

for who I am......

than to be loved

for who I am not"

Favorite Quote

"I would rather be hated

for who I am......

than to be loved

for who I am not"

CHARITY CALDWELL considers herself

a Domestic Violence  Avocate and

overcomer she's joined 

Let's Talk About It 

and speaks out on ZERO TOLERANCE.

Charity speaks of how Domestic Violence

is a disease and has four different character traits, Mental, Verbal, Emotional and Physical.

Take a minute to read her article and view her short film titled No Tolerance


Celeste Walker

Studied Nursing


San Diego State University



Rachel Ramos - V.P.


Punch TV Networkhere.


(Daughter of Darrell Caldwell)

Ivory Channell is a multiethnic online brand in Los Angeles.

 The name Ivory Channell originated from the owner

Ivory Channell. 

At the age of 13, Ivory began to reconstruct clothing and jewelry. 

Take a look at her products on her online store.  She has a unique selection of chokers, earrings, clothing and much more. Ivory is also able create personalized items.